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Skilled Lumber Milling Professionals

While most Chattanooga area tree companies simply haul your trees to the dump after they cut them down, we make every effort to convert the remnants into a usable form. With the largest portable sawmill in Chattanooga, we are able to take your trees and turn them into slabs, lumber, and beams. 

By turning your trees into timber, we can offset some of the cost of cutting down your trees and, as a result, offer some of the most competitive prices in Chattanooga. 

If you are looking to purchase fresh lumber for a project like a mantel or a build, call us. We can custom cut any order to your specifications and provide dunnage (used as shipping timber), timber frame house kits, and more. We carry live edge slabs and rough-cut lumber and have over 50,000 board feet of green cut, air dried, and kiln dried lumber. We stock most domestic species including: maple, walnut, pine, red and white oak, poplar, cedar, and hickory. 

If you are interested in woodworking or are a woodcrafter, our lumber is a great resource for you. If you would like to tour our warehouse, discuss a project, or pick out material for your next project, contact us. We look forward to meeting you and to helping you get things going.

 Dead Wooding 

 Over time your trees will start to “shed” limbs. Dead wooding is the process of cutting out and removing the dead or dying limbs from your trees. This process keeps the trees healthy and looking beautiful. 

Crown/Canopy Reduction

This process is used to reduce the height of the trees while maintaining their natural look. Our tree trimmers accomplish this by selectively trimming live limbs. When done properly, this process will strengthen your trees by minimizing damage in wind or ice storms. It also helps stimulates new growth. 

Canopy Lifting

Canopy lifting is the removal of lower limbs to a specified height. This is done when trees’ limbs become too low to the ground or begin to encroach onto a roof or service lines. These limbs must be cut and removed so that your home or the lines are not negatively impacted. 

Crane Removal

Crane assisted removals are our specialty and they allow us to help you get rid of damaged or dead trees or trees that may be too close to a structure. Crane removals enable us to control the descent of the sections, ensuring that your property is undamaged. Our crane is rated at 30 tons and reaches over 100 feet. This allows us to make quick work of even the trickiest trees and helps us perform tree cutting that few other companies in the Chattanooga area can.


  (423) 760-TREE (8733)

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