In most cases, before you can build a home, office, or complex, you first have to clear the land. Lumberjacks Tree Service can help with this part of the process. Whether you have a small lot or several hundred acres, we can handle it. We have the manpower and the machinery to get the job done. We provide a number of land clearing services and would be happy to partner with you to prepare your land for your building purposes.

We offer brush clearing and can mow down and mulch trees up to 7 inches in diameter. This enables us to help you transform an overgrown field of underbrush and small trees into a usable area in a matter of hours. These results can be achieved in a couple of ways. If the land has thicker underbrush, grass, and trees up to 7 inches in diameter, we use our forestry mower (sometimes called a fecon) to clear the land.

Clear Cutting

Clear cutting is necessary when you want all trees and debris removed from an area. This type of land clearing is most effective for creating open lots for your building project. When we perform clear cutting, we can either grind up stumps or completely remove them with an excavator and haul them away. We can also take care of moving dirt and/or hauling dirt away from the area.


Our team can use our machinery to perform residential and commercial excavation, too. If you need excavation work done to build a basement or need trenching work done for drainage, call us. We can use our equipment to help you get the results you need at affordable prices. If you are searching for someone to help you with your excavation needs, call Lumberjacks Tree Service today. Our residential and commercial excavation prices are reasonable, affordable, and backed by a quality guarantee.

Selective Clearing

In addition to excavation work, clear cutting, and brush clearing, we are also capable of performing selective clearing. If you want to open up your property or remove specific trees, call us. We can mark the trees you want to remove and use less invasive measures to ensure that the trees you want to keep are left untouched and undamaged.

Disk Mulching

Forestry mulching is an efficient way to clear large sections of land by taking small trees/brush and mowing them down, leaving you with a shredded mulch finish. Lumberjacks uses disk mulching to help our clients remove trees, clear fence and property lines, assist in right-of-way clearing, and improve the look of their property. Disk mulching helps quickly clear areas of land. If you are interested in forestry mulching, call us. Our experienced team is ready to put our disk mulcher to work for you.


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