The Chattanooga area is susceptible to volatile weather and powerful thunderstorms — particularly in the spring and summer. When these storms strike they can cause a significant amount of tree damage. We understand that storm damage can happen at any time; that’s why we offer emergency services in Chattanooga and North Georgia.

The best way to handle emergency situations is to prevent them from ever happening. If you have noticed a tree in your yard or on your property that does not look healthy or that is leaning too far in one direction, call us. We can send someone out to assess the tree and determine whether or not it is a potential hazard. We can then recommend the proper course of action to resolve the issue.

In addition to potentially dead or diseased trees, be on the lookout for branches or limbs that look as though they may cause an issue. Even branches can do tremendous damage if they are not properly managed. If you believe that a branch may be at risk to fall and cause damage or injury, do not ignore it. Contact Lumberjacks as soon as you can.

If you are unable to get an issue resolved before it becomes something critical, or you have an unforeseen critical issue arise, don’t panic.

Emergency tree service is a critical part of what Lumberjacks does. We know that storms can cause dangerous damage. A tree may fall on your home, or in a worst-case scenario, through your home. If a tree is leaning on your house or has caused catastrophic damage, you need safe and immediate tree removal. No matter the time of day or night, call Lumberjacks. Our team of dedicated professionals will answer your emergency call and respond quickly so that you can begin immediate storm clean-up and protect your house and family from further damage.

In an emergency, you shouldn’t have to shop around or be given an indefinite answer about when a crew can respond. At Lumberjacks, we answer your call, mobilize our team, and resolve your issues in a quick, caring, and trustworthy fashion. If you have an emergency tree need, call Lumberjacks.


 Over time your trees will start to “shed” limbs. Dead wooding is the process of cutting out and removing the dead or dying limbs from your trees. This process keeps the trees healthy and looking beautiful.  


 This process is used to reduce the height of the trees while maintaining their natural look. Our tree trimmers accomplish this by selectively trimming live limbs. When done properly, this process will strengthen your trees by minimizing damage in wind or ice storms. It also helps stimulates new growth.  


 Canopy lifting is the removal of lower limbs to a specified height. This is done when trees’ limbs become too low to the ground or begin to encroach onto a roof or service lines. These limbs must be cut and removed so that your home or the lines are not negatively impacted.  


 Crane assisted removals are our specialty and they allow us to help you get rid of damaged or dead trees or trees that may be too close to a structure. Crane removals enable us to control the descent of the sections, ensuring that your property is undamaged. Our crane is rated at 30 tons and reaches over 100 feet. This allows us to make quick work of even the trickiest trees and helps us perform tree cutting that few other companies in the Chattanooga area can. 


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