Deep Root Fertilization



As your trusted tree care experts in Chattanooga, TN, we at Lumberjacks Tree Services know that healthy trees are the backbone of a thriving landscape, which is why we proudly offer our deep root fertilization services. In our region’s unique climate and soil conditions, trees can often struggle to access vital nutrients essential for their growth and longevity.

Our deep root fertilization process addresses this challenge head-on by delivering a customized blend of nutrients directly to the root zone of your trees. This targeted approach ensures that your trees receive the nourishment they need to flourish in Chattanooga’s environment. Whether you have majestic oaks, towering pines, or ornamental shrubs, our services can benefit trees of all types and sizes.

Say goodbye to surface-level applications that may not reach the roots effectively. Invest in the long-term health of your trees with our services, tailored to your tree’s specific needs and soil conditions.

Count on Lumberjacks Tree Services to help your trees thrive and stand tall for years to come with our expert deep root fertilization treatments.


 Over time your trees will start to “shed” limbs. Dead wooding is the process of cutting out and removing the dead or dying limbs from your trees. This process keeps the trees healthy and looking beautiful.  


 This process is used to reduce the height of the trees while maintaining their natural look. Our tree trimmers accomplish this by selectively trimming live limbs. When done properly, this process will strengthen your trees by minimizing damage in wind or ice storms. It also helps stimulates new growth.  


 Canopy lifting is the removal of lower limbs to a specified height. This is done when trees’ limbs become too low to the ground or begin to encroach onto a roof or service lines. These limbs must be cut and removed so that your home or the lines are not negatively impacted.  


 Crane assisted removals are our specialty and they allow us to help you get rid of damaged or dead trees or trees that may be too close to a structure. Crane removals enable us to control the descent of the sections, ensuring that your property is undamaged. Our crane is rated at 30 tons and reaches over 100 feet. This allows us to make quick work of even the trickiest trees and helps us perform tree cutting that few other companies in the Chattanooga area can. 


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