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For over 12 years, the Lumberjacks team has provided top-rated services in the realm of tree care and land management. Our team of certified professionals is equipped with the latest techniques and equipment, ensuring that your project is handled with precision and care. As all lumberjacks should be, we are committed to safety, efficiency, and preserving the integrity of the environment.


You might be a candidate for our tree services if:

  • You need trees removed due to extending roots threatening the integrity of your home
  • You have overgrown trees and need to trim, cut and/or remove them from your property
  • You need to eliminate the risk of falling trees or branches harming people, pets, or property
  • You need trees removed that are dead or diseased
  • You have emergency tree service needs due to extreme weather or otherwise
  • You need to clear land for construction, agriculture, or other projects
  • You would like to enhance a view that may be obstructed by trees or underbrush
  • You need to clear out underbrush or thin out a densely populated wooded area to promote healthier tree growth and reduce competition for resources

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Tree Cutting & Removal


Tree cutting and removal services are pivotal for a variety of scenarios where trees might pose risks or impede developments.

  • An aging or diseased tree can become a liability, threatening to fall on structures, power lines, or walkways
  • Trees with invasive root systems can damage foundations, plumbing, or sidewalks, necessitating their removal to prevent costly repairs.
  • Trees might obstruct the path of new construction projects, or hinder agricultural activities.
  • Some areas require strategically removing certain trees to serve as a preventive measure to reduce fire hazards

Regardless of the reason, our professional and highly rated team will ensure that these tasks are handled safely and efficiently.

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Forestry Mulching & Land Clearing


Are you looking for a company that can help with forestry mulching and land clearing for your land management and development needs? Lumberjacks Tree Services can help.

  • If you need to establish agricultural fields or pastures, we can help transform dense forests or overgrown areas into arable land
  • If you need to prepare a plot for residential or commercial construction, our team will help ensure the terrain is free from obstructions and ready for building
  • If you need help controlling invasive plant species, we can improve habitat quality to promote native growth
  • If you have a property plagued by thick underbrush, it’s vital to remove potential fuel sources

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Get a free quote from our expert team

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Emergency Tree Services - Available 24/7

When disaster strikes, emergency tree services become an indispensable lifeline for homeowners and property managers. Trees, while majestic and beneficial, can become serious hazards under certain circumstances and extreme weather, like the Tennessee storms.

  • Trees may be uprooted or have broken limbs, posing immediate threats to homes, vehicles, and power lines.
  • A diseased or dead tree can suddenly collapse without warning, blocking roads or damaging structures.
  • In areas prone to forest fires, a compromised tree might pose a fire risk.
  • integrity, especially if the tree shows sudden signs of tilting or cracking.

In all these situations, the expertise of emergency tree services is crucial to ensure safety, prevent further damage, and restore normalcy swiftly. Our team is available 24/7 to care of your tree needs.

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